Leaving Edinburgh

Leaving Edinburgh

I try to keep this blog semi-personal, by writing not so much through myself, but rather through writing about topics that interests me and on which I am working. This post has to count as an exception. The occasion is that Jules and I are soon bound for Norway after a whole year in Edinburgh. We actually moved here one year ago on this day. On Thursday we are leaving our lovely home for the last year, The Lodge House in Greenhill Gardens, and moving to Norway, first to Hamar and then latter to Oslo.

It has been an intensive and interesting year in Scotland, and both of us have handed in our dissertations and finished our degrees. Compared to the previous years this year has not left much time for traveling, but living abroad gives is in many ways an adventure in itself.

Instead of writing a narrative of the year in Edinburgh I put some pictures online. For those who likes people in pictures, sorry, I choose some non-human objects for this little album. I have now “blogged” for three years, and one of the intentions behind this album is to create something on which can reminiscence of the year in Edinburgh in a three years time. Perhaps you also have been studying or living in Edinburgh and is now living somewhere else. Here are some assorted pictures from the four seasons we lived in Edinburgh.


[nggallery id=10]


Here is a little greeting to all of you I met in Edinburgh, through the university and through friends. Let us keep in touch!


The article picture is taken by yours truly (but please reuse according to Creative Commons attribution). The motive is the old town on its side towards new town. The picture is taken from outside the National Gallery and may be used as evidence that it does not always rain in Britain. 


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