The 23rd of November mom, Jules and I went to Scotland to attend my graduation at the University of Edinburgh. In McEwan Hall I meet with most of my old study colleagues and we were in turn hit by the hat which graduates us and bestow our academic titles upon us. This could have been a nice introduction to John Searle and his speech acts, but I will save that for later.

Anyhow, this marks the end of my second round of formal education, and the start of a new era in which I hope to bring with me the ideals and inspiration I’ve accumulated through five years at universities in Oslo, Stuttgart and Edinburgh. It’s been five interesting years, and I meet a good deal of great people which I hope I will be lucky enough to work with at a later occasion.

I try to keep my blog semi-professional and I try to write more about various topics than about myself. However, as I use this little place as a way of keeping track of what I think, care about and do from year to year I think I should mention my newest little achievement. On the continuous line of life, which is dived into past and future by the razor-thin present I think it’s important to think back and hopefully this can be a little personal milestone for future me.

I do hope that I can put my studies to use, and that I can still learn and develop my skills and thoughts. Learning is not just formal degrees, nor a profession, or an intrest, it is a life-long process which enrich me, and hopefully you as well. There are still big questions to be explored, questions to be answered and arguments to be presented. I look forward to the next challenge


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