Det har vært interessant å følge Apples utvikling de siste 11 årene siden de slapp første versjon av Mac OS X. I 2001 ble versjon 10 (derav X) sluppet, og denne hadde en rekke forandringer fra tidligere versjoner. Apple opplevde en nedtur på 90-tallet og ønsket på et tidspunkt å kjøpe inn eksternt operativsystem framfor […]


Thank you, Steve

As an unapologetic Apple fan I’m saddened to awaken to the news of Steve Jobs’ death. A great and innovative leader who I just knew through his texts, keynotes and products. He revolutionised the home computing with a ethnocentric focus on computers and found new use of technology in home computing with the introduction to […]

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2011 – What will happen?

Soon 2010 will be history, and a new year will begin. 2010 was a long year in which many interesting things happened (as every year). I will now look into my light ball, able to foresee the future, and come with some anticipations about what the new year will bring. As always is it impossible […]


iPhone goes large: iPad

During the last three weeks since the iPad was released, the Technology Press has been flooded by articles about the iPad, Apples newest gadget. The media has been asking questions like, What is iPad going to change? Will it replace the need for a printing press? Which former technology does it compete against? Which applications […]