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The future of Ideas

In the book The Future of Ideas –The fate of the commons in a connected world professor Lawrence Lessig at the Standford Law School introduces us to some issues of contemporary law and its implication on the Internet and creativity. Lessig, who is the chairman of Creative Commons, brings forward the restrictions imposed on the […]

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ACTA and the intellectual property

Today, on Guy Fawkes night, there is held a demonstration against ACTA in Oslo, Norway. Since I am living in Edinburgh, Scotland for the moment I have no opportunity to participate or view this demonstration. Instead I want to write down some reflections and ideas on Digital Media, Globalization and the fight against counterfeits  either […]

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Bruk nettets muligheter

Har du hentet ned noe musikk fra nettet i det siste, bare for å sjekke om musikken er verdt å kjøpe? Eller har du lastet ned en film, fordi det var for langt å gå til nærmeste videobutikk? Kjenner du deg igjen? Sjansen for at du da har forbrutt deg mot åndsverksloven er da stor. […]


The Piratebay case

Friday two weeks ago, April 17th, the Swedish Stockholm district court decided to sentence the four operators of the site to one year prison and to pay 30 millions SEK in fines and damages. The defendants lawyers have appealed the case to Svea Court of Appeal and at the same time asked for a retrial […]