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20 years with the World Wide Web

Earlier this year we passed the twenty year anniversary of the world wide web; on of the most prolific inventions of our contemporary time. From this milestone a historical line can be drawn as recent iterations of the web are disseminated to a wider array of users and new uses adapts the web as a […]


A brief history of the Internet

We are living in interesting times. Even though we don’t have flying cars,  eat dinners contained in pills or have vacations in space (yet) there have been a been dramatic changes the last decades. I want in this little piece to focus on the changes the computers have imposed upon information, and intellectual property. The […]

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Bruk nettets muligheter

Har du hentet ned noe musikk fra nettet i det siste, bare for å sjekke om musikken er verdt å kjøpe? Eller har du lastet ned en film, fordi det var for langt å gå til nærmeste videobutikk? Kjenner du deg igjen? Sjansen for at du da har forbrutt deg mot åndsverksloven er da stor. […]