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In recent years the activity on has decreased.. unfortunately. Hopefully, I will soon be able to kick-start some new articles, as I have picked up a few new things I want to share with the world over the last few years.

As you may have noticed if you been visiting this page earlier, it does not look quite like it did a few months or five years ago. The last larger update of the page (WordPress engine updates excluded) was back in 2011 (six years ago!? times goes fast) while I was doing my studies in Edinburgh. As the world moves on, I saw it fit to change the visual template, update a few plugins, and do a clean install of the WordPress installation.

That being said: Welcome to the new page!

It may be some glitches, there may be some source code not correctly formatted, and pictures may be missing. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if some content on the page, which you want to read, does not render properly or there are missing pictures etc. Although I will try and go through the most vital parts of the page, the updates and checking are usually done sporadically.

Five year anniversary

Five year anniversary

Five years ago I published the first blog post on this page, and 130 posts later I’m happy I managed my goal of writing a post now and then. Much have happened the last five years, and I hope more will happen in the five years to come. Hopefully you will find a similar post on the ten years anniversary 4th April 2017.

Thank you for reading!

Ok, I’m very enthusiastic about readers, so after a day with many readers in Google Analytics I may be like this, especially with many revisiting users. I hope to see you again:


New layout for

New layout for

As the old layout broke with the newer versions of WordPress, and the fact that it was on high time to get a new layout (the last major visual update was back in 2010 – very long ago in the web world) I have now changed for a beta version of the Arras theme.

As you may see from the current state, not everything is up to date, but I hope you have patience as I will now start to customise the theme (maybe even a post on WP PHP programming will follow).

For future updates, stay tuned 🙂 – or subscribe to the RSS feed.