The Social Media Paradigm

Recently, while watching 4OD – Channel 4’s Video On Demand service – I saw an advertisement for Google’s ubiquitous web presence. In this video we can see snippets of the life of a little girl growing up, and various information linked to her first years. Pictures, videos, e-mails, but also a caption of Google’s street […]


Analysing the Bible

The computer is a good tool in many areas but within its defining field, computations, it is great. With over a million computations per second even a big, large and heavy book (in its physical manifestation) can be sorted in just a blink of an eye. A while ago I tried to sort the King […]


Master thesis

I’m now finished with two semesters coursework for my masters, and the thesis is left to write before I hopefully will be entitled to receive my masters degree. I have learned much from the two previous semesters, and hope to learn even more from the process leading up to my dissertation is printed and handed […]