API-scrape images from Instagram

An image can say more than a thousand words, especially when you add a retro-filter and a score of hashtags to go with it. That is a basic explanation to the functionality of Instagram; the power app which revolutionised peoples creativity when it came to documenting dietary habits… and popularised images in social media. Instagram […]


Please help me understand more about Social Media Usage

As a student of digital media it is important for me to stay up to date with the recent developments in the online community. Much have happened the last five years and statistics on usage is not always up to date. As a result I created this survey using the web service surveymonkey, which I […]

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“Think less but see it grow like a riot, like a riot, oh I’m not easily offended It’s not hard to let it go from a mess to the masses” The article’s title being a slightly modified song title by Phoenix, and containing the chorus from the same song, this is not a tribute to […]


iPhone goes large: iPad

During the last three weeks since the iPad was released, the Technology Press has been flooded by articles about the iPad, Apples newest gadget. The media has been asking questions like, What is iPad going to change? Will it replace the need for a printing press? Which former technology does it compete against? Which applications […]