What does your Twitter followers look like

I like Twitter. It’s the virtual world’s answer to Post-it notes, well not really, but the nature of the site constrains people from droning on-and-on about a topic. The restrictions in the number of characters a user may put into a tweet causes brevity, which is ideal when the total number of people who you […]

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2011 – What will happen?

Soon 2010 will be history, and a new year will begin. 2010 was a long year in which many interesting things happened (as every year). I will now look into my light ball, able to foresee the future, and come with some anticipations about what the new year will bring. As always is it impossible […]


Your organisation and digital media

Many governmental and corporate offices choose to be present in social media, and to share and gather information here. Internet services such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Youtube have enabled organisational bodies to participate on an arena where also individuals are contributing, commenting and sharing content. Are you working within an organisation being present in […]