Lost in translation

Lost in translation

It’s been a couple of days without updates, but here is an end to that. Shanghai is amazing and since we came we have just explored small fragments of this enormous city. The city is a former multi-cultural gathering place for 1900-century imperial European powers, and this can be found in today’s division of the city. At the Bund, where the former British customs building and HSBC headquarters can be found was the entry to the city located on on the riverbanks. The French concession, where our hotel is located, is yet another example of earlier imperialism earlier housing French missions to the Far East among others.

Today Shanghai is trying to find its own way, somewhere in between Chinese and International culture. All street names are, in addition to Mandarin also available in English, but most of the Chinese population do not know these names. The English language proficiency on the street are in most cases non-existent. When that is said, it is interesting how the international ambitions are implemented into various services. The taxi services is a good example portraying this. As soon as you enter a taxi the taxi driver starts the taximeter and it announces information in both Chinese and English. If you have some questions during you travel, you can call a number to get in touch with an English speaking operator, who can translate between you and the driver. As you leave the taxi a farewell are presented in Chinese and English.

The last days we have been enjoying several activities and attractions: The Shanghai Aquarium, An amazing Circus, old town, the Bund, Pudong and the French Concession. I will come back with updates from these, and our trip to the World Exhibition next time I find some time to write an update. I will also return with some highlights from the history of Shanghai, which is not a pretty history including western decadence, drugs and prostitution, so stay tuned.

My camera is still without a USB-cable, so until I get back to Norway I will be unable to put any pictures online, not even to illustrate the posts at this blog. Once more Flicker and nice people who share and care saved the day. Today’s beautiful picture showing the Bund is taken by Wolfgang Staudt and is shared under Creative Common. For details check the link stated above.

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