Master thesis

I’m now finished with two semesters coursework for my masters, and the thesis is left to write before I hopefully will be entitled to receive my masters degree. I have learned much from the two previous semesters, and hope to learn even more from the process leading up to my dissertation is printed and handed […]



Just minutes ago the head of foreign affairs of one of the most powerful states in world, if not the the most powerful state, was giving a press conference regarding the recent leaks of diplomatic wires. In her press conference Hillary Clinton addressed several aspects related to the wires. Maybe the most important objective she […]

society technology

Information society

As the hypervisuality from the 90’s went over in the overflow of information of the 00’s something happend. The traditionaly trend that things changes more often and that things last shorter went into warpdrive. In the 60’s and 70’s the television-planning was buildt into big groups of programs. The variety was limited and so was […]


Shared opinions

Today the ministry of government administration and reform published their new book about digital medias and sharing culture through the Internet. The meeting was hold at their offices, but also through media channels like their homepage and twitter. The book raises different problems and questions which are actual for a society, in which more and […]