Just minutes ago the head of foreign affairs of one of the most powerful states in world, if not the the most powerful state, was giving a press conference regarding the recent leaks of diplomatic wires. In her press conference Hillary Clinton addressed several aspects related to the wires. Maybe the most important objective she had with her speech was to assure other nations that the United States perceived this a severe security breach, telling the world that this would and shall never happen again. She also insisted to refer to the wires as alleged, not verifying or denying any of the information that may have been published.

She also chose to mention the moral aspect of these leaks, and she made a distinction between earlier cases where information was conveyed showing serious crimes and situations. She said that this was not the case with this leak, and that the alleged leak was a criminal act undermining the tools of the diplomatic institute.

I mean there was a need for such a statement after yesterdays release of a large amount of confidential and secret documents to newspapers in Britain, France, Germany and the United States, revealing information from one of the biggest governmental bodies in the world. Not only is it embarrassing for the US government and their bodies, it does also show the opinions and discourses which are dominating this gigantic organisation.

That the Russian government is made up from two characters that can be characterized as Batman and Robin, or the dominant alpha-male and the subordinate president is controversial just because the sender is a state. Neither that Berlusconi is partying a lot, nor that Sarkoszy is the emperor without clothes are impressions made from nothing.

More interesting are the accusations on to how the Department of State are using its connections to surveillance the United Nations secretary, or how the embassies have been used as intelligence offices. It is not in the characteristics, but in the politics the dynamite can be found.

As I was sitting and working on my presentation on the Public Sphere, Habermas and Internet for the Unravelling Narratives conference tomorrow maybe what I thought was most interesting with the Wikileaks cablegate in particular is how the government construct one rhetoric for use internally in the organisation and another for the world. The fact that there is such a span between the alleged secret observations and the information told by the government in press conferences and in interviews shows that the public debate is not in consensus with the internal opinions. I will think it over twice and maybe include it into my presentation. Hopefully I will get to publish the power point before midnight.

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