Nonlinear narrative

If you are a frequent reader on this blog you have probably seen the earlier updates on the computer game I created together with Tom, Brendan, Gary and Elias last semester. If this is your first time here, or you just visited by accident earlier: welcome! You can find more information about the process clicking […]

Programming studies

New version of Non-linear narrative

As the second semester in my master program is moving towards the end I have some content I want to share with you all. Beside the digital marketplace course and a reading course I have been working on a digital media studio project, or as we call it, the DMSP. In this course sound designers, […]


Object Oriented Programming

This post is written as a blog post on the Digital Media Studio Project blog Non-Linear Narratives. In this post I want to discuss some aspect of object oriented programming, and some philosophy behind the non-linear computer program in its current version. The program is built in Processing, which utilizes the Java programming language, and […]