Nonlinear narrative

Nonlinear narrative

If you are a frequent reader on this blog you have probably seen the earlier updates on the computer game I created together with Tom, Brendan, Gary and Elias last semester. If this is your first time here, or you just visited by accident earlier: welcome! You can find more information about the process clicking the ‘DMSP’ banner in the word cloud in the right toolbar.

It has been an interesting process from the early stage definition and clarification of what we want to do and how to do it, to the creation of code, and sewing everything together. It has been beneficial also to gain some programming experience, as I got the ability to brush  some dust off  of my java knowledge, and to learn more about visual programming and the great (and efficient) Processing “language”.

The project is now over, but your adventure has just begun. On the project’s website you can download the code and start gaming. The source code is also published in case you want to have a look, or build on it yourself. Enjoy!


Above: The in-game screen with the detective’s desk, and various interactive objects. The map over New York City and a text-feed printing out content as the player explores the city.


Nonlinear Narrative in Processing

Above: The processing IDE with the beginning of the draw method pictured. You can find the code on the project’s homepage as well as everything else needed to get the game run.


The master thesis process has now begun, and I expect to post more frequently with progress from this.

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