Internet technology

The future of Ideas

In the book The Future of Ideas –The fate of the commons in a connected world professor Lawrence Lessig at the Standford Law School introduces us to some issues of contemporary law and its implication on the Internet and creativity. Lessig, who is the chairman of Creative Commons, brings forward the restrictions imposed on the […]

literature technology

Book 2.0?

I’ve been trying out the new Kindle from Amazon for the last two weeks, and I have to admit that I like it. It is interesting that the last “mass” medium to be remediated is also the oldest; the book. Many have raised concern about the transition from paper to e-ink screens, since these screens different from […]


A good night of good music

When I was in the army there was one band which I was introduced to, five years later I can still find them in my playlists and I still get suprised over how good they actually are. Now, with their new album Trespassers in their luggage they hosted John Dee, Oslo and did a very […]