A good night of good music

A good night of good music

When I was in the army there was one band which I was introduced to, five years later I can still find them in my playlists and I still get suprised over how good they actually are. Now, with their new album Trespassers in their luggage they hosted John Dee, Oslo and did a very good consert.

Our expectations are high said Kasper Eistrup, vocal and lead guitar. He wanted the audience to dance and sing along with the music, or as he explained it: the audience have expectations to the band, but during the consert the band also have expectations to the audience. The audience obeyed and the band delivered. At one moment one from the audience gave Eistrup, which had a DK roadsign on his guitar, a N sign which the artist greatfully took and put on one of the guitars. This among many other guestures made the band seem like a joyful group playing more serious music.

And it is because of the music we went, and we were satisfied. Not only did the band choose some of their best song from their already extensive collection of songs, they also did some modifications and they proved that they are musicians with a long career and an enormous number of gigs behind them. With their records, their conserts and all of their joy and seriousness I really hope that Kashmir is a band, from which I can hear more. Thank for a really good consert.

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