The European Union and the German bakers

The European Union and the German bakers

A new law suggestion in the European Union provokes the German bakers. In this suggestion the Union want to deal with the health of the population but on the other side some of the suggestion in this law could alter the German baking tradition. With up to 15 gram pr 100 gram is much of the German bread is quite salty and in the new directive the EU wants to set a limit on maximum 10 grams pr 100 gram. This provokes the bakers and their union who are asking if the European Union also acts as a taste police.

A Pretzel is one of the most typcal German bread types and could be found in every bakery, cafeteria and even in small kiosks along the streets. The fact that this small piece of German tradition will be “illegal” by law if the suggestion is accepted makes the bakers angry. “The way the EU is trying to change the way we bake our bread, change the way we market it – and of all things, change the taste of the bread” is to Matthias Wiemers, chairman of the Central Association of German Bakeries a “stupid interference”.

So among the huge problems due to the financial crises there are also other problems that have to be dealt with.

(Source: Herald Tribune, 26. Feb).

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