The refrigerator prank

The refrigerator prank

The kitchen, which my neighbors and I uses have recently have a transformation. It all started when we wanted to hang up a nude girl calendar, like the one you can find in every lunch room in a masculine dominated work enviroment. Every of the boys also wrote the name on the favorite girl. Later on the competition began. Meda had a Biggi B’a’r’d’o’t (Changed the name since this name got a lot of hits on googl) poster in his room from the last erotic exhibition in Stuttart, so he hang it on the wall and all of the boys wrote the name on the favoritte part of Biggis body. One day it was a picture of a kid covering Biggis face, this made a new rule: Its not allowed to remove any of the pictures, but its possible to alter the pictures already hanging in the kitchen.

One week later Fabiola returned from Poland and she had with her a calendar with a lot of half nude boys. She and Daiana cut the pictures out and hang them on the refrigirator. This meant war. To bad for the girls in the kitchen – the Back Streets Fakies (Meda, Dave, Yago and I) tricked them, on St. Pattys day we went to the kitchen, we rented Nadja to take some pictures of us and with the magical scaling tool that Dave had we transformed the pictures of us and edited them onto the tacky calendar boys.

So, on behalf of the BSF (Back Street Fakies) I proudly presents: The pimped refrigiator:

[imagebrowser id=3]

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