Katzenjammer at Roskilde 2009

Katzenjammer at Roskilde 2009

The Norwegian band Katzenjammer was the first band to play on the stage Pavilion, and they opened it great. Katzenjammer mixes up several types of music to a balkan-inspirated folk thing. This together with a large amount of energy and entusiasm on the stage makes them a band that its worth listening to and great to see at a consert. The four girls in the band plays several instrument each and seems to have a lot of fun doing the consert.

The band won the upcomming price at the Norwegian music award “Spellemannsprisen” in 2008, the same year they were nominated to the Urørt finale with the song “A bar in Amsterdam” and now they had their first consert at Roskilde Festival, the biggest festival in Scandinavia. The band said that they had been at the festival many times before, but then as guest, and that they realy were hounoured to play at the festival.

The band played through most of their songs and the audience was really jumping around, dancing and drinking cheap danish wine while partying in a old serbian barn. The party reached its top under the most famous songs (no shit!) and everything were just hapiness and crazyness during the show. The band showed that they really can turn on a party and they performance was without doubt very funny and entusiastic.

Links: Katzenjammer at myspace

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