China tomorrow

China tomorrow

After weeks of waiting we are finally ready to depart for China tomorrow. Last week we got our visas and now the bags are packed, the last clothes are just hours from getting dry, and the itinerary and the hotel reservation is printed out and packed in the onboard bag. Our trip starts at Gardermoen at 14.20, from there we are traveling for 2 hours to change flight in Frankfurt and onboard a 747, until recently the world largest passenger aircraft, for a long haul lasting for 10 hours to Pudong International Airport in Shanghai.

We are going to stay in China for 6 nights and hopefully get to know both the Chinese culture and the multicultural Shanghai, or at least some of it. We have not planned in detail what we are going to see, but from several guides on the Internet, youtube, the Lonely Planet book I got from Magnus for my birthday and tips from Jenny, Dragana and Gunn it seems like there is a lot to do in Shanghai, and I hope to see the things I got recommended. The Pudong financial area with several skyscrapers, flashing lights and business-like culture seems like a “must-see”, and from there it could be cool to experience the difference in an old-fashion, but at the same time neat and traditional, old part of the town where apperantly Mission Possible was shoot. There are many parks as well, and one or two mornings it could be cool to skip the compulsory egg and bacon hotel breakfast to join in and do some morning gymnastics. I can’t wait too experience the city.  I am also curious to check out the Chinese cuisine, but I have to admit that I’m a bit afraid of being served scorpions, dog or other too-unusual specialities.  When that is said I will try to find my culture relativist inside me, and percive Shanghai and China without missing brown cheese at the breakfast table or be shocked to find out that skiing is not an activity well-know in Shanghai.

Shanghai is also the proud host of the world exhibition, and I’m looking forward – like a child – to see the different pavillions at this gigantic venue. We have already decided to visit several, and it will be interesting to see which perspectives the different countries have on this Expo’s focus which is better cities, better life. Hopefully I can pick up some inspiration for my masters studies along the way.

I will try to get back with an update in a couple of days. For the next two, many hours will be spent in the air, maybe with a Harry Potter movie and a glass of red wine. For more frequently updates, check out my twitter page

The illustrational picture is found on Flickr and is licenced under Creative Commons by the user stuck in customs

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