Bilder fra Øya-festivalen

Jeg var så heldig at jeg fikk vært på Øyafestivalen 2013 for Sky & Scene, forskningsprosjektet jeg arbeider for. Her er et utvalg av bildene jeg tok av band og publikum. [AFG_gallery id=’1′]


Descriptive Statistical Methods in Code

Statistics can be mighty useful, and a little programming helps it getting even better. I often find that I through code can grasp the fundamental function behind how things work, and I have tried to apply this to statistics as well. In this case to descriptive statistics. Join me in this short attempt to let […]


Three Useful Terminal Commands

See my terminal-tools tag for more articles on nifty terminal tools. The *nix terminal is a great tool. In everyday life this is where a lot of things can be done easy and fast with this power tool. There are an abundance of tools and ways of solving problems with the terminal, but here you have three […]

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Push your code onto your EC2 instance with Git

Here is a little thing that has saved me a lot of work, and which I find quite neat. I use the EC2 as my cloud computer. This page ( is hosted on a shared host, but sometimes it’s nice to have the flexibility to run things that are not supported by shared hosts, such […]


The Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi has been on the market for a while now, providing a very affordable, small computer for the computer interested and hobbyist hackers. The idea of the Raspberry Pi came in 2006 when teachers at the University of Cambridge’s Computer Laboratory became concern about the decline in numbers and skill-levels among the A-level […]


How to set up an AWS EC2 instance

Amazon Web Service’s EC2 is the workhorse and general purpose computer in the AWS ecosystem. It is affordable (free or very cheap if you keep it scaled to the minimum option), it is easy to set up, and it provides you with a computer located in the cloud. This is a good option if you […]


Five year anniversary

Five years ago I published the first blog post on this page, and 130 posts later I’m happy I managed my goal of writing a post now and then. Much have happened the last five years, and I hope more will happen in the five years to come. Hopefully you will find a similar post […]


Norske illustrasjonskart på fylkes- og kommunenivå med SVG

Vektor- og rastergrafikk SVG – Scalable Vector Graphics – er, som gitt av navnet, et skalerbart vektorbasert grafikk-markup. Vektorgrafikk er bedre egnet til skalering enn raster, da bildet ikke består av små bildeelementer (Pixel – kort for nettopp picture element), men formler for opptegning av grafikken. Nå har det seg riktignok slik at ikke alt […]


Enter the Cloud – Amazon Web Services

AWS – Amazon Web Services – is a great infrastructure cloud service for all IT business from start-ups to full blown corporations. Providing both Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) through the general purpose EC2 and Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) through Beanstalk as well as hybrid solutions such as storage solution S3 and database service RDS. I have been using these […]


Work programmatically with Google Spreadsheets

Some time back I authored a script which reads through a CSV formatted list, and based on the artists’ names tried to decide the nationality of the artists by querying the last.FM search engine and parsing the XML structured result. The script worked, and found and returned about 80% of the artists, and around 80% […]