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The 23rd of November mom, Jules and I went to Scotland to attend my graduation at the University of Edinburgh. In McEwan Hall I meet with most of my old study colleagues and we were in turn hit by the hat which graduates us and bestow our academic titles upon us. This could have been a nice introduction to John Searle and his speech acts, but I will save that for later.

Anyhow, this marks the end of my second round of formal education, and the start of a new era in which I hope to bring with me the ideals and inspiration I’ve accumulated through five years at universities in Oslo, Stuttgart and Edinburgh. It’s been five interesting years, and I meet a good deal of great people which I hope I will be lucky enough to work with at a later occasion.

I try to keep my blog semi-professional and I try to write more about various topics than about myself. However, as I use this little place as a way of keeping track of what I think, care about and do from year to year I think I should mention my newest little achievement. On the continuous line of life, which is dived into past and future by the razor-thin present I think it’s important to think back and hopefully this can be a little personal milestone for future me.

I do hope that I can put my studies to use, and that I can still learn and develop my skills and thoughts. Learning is not just formal degrees, nor a profession, or an intrest, it is a life-long process which enrich me, and hopefully you as well. There are still big questions to be explored, questions to be answered and arguments to be presented. I look forward to the next challenge


Your organisation and digital media

Your organisation and digital media

Many governmental and corporate offices choose to be present in social media, and to share and gather information here. Internet services such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Youtube have enabled organisational bodies to participate on an arena where also individuals are contributing, commenting and sharing content. Are you working within an organisation being present in one of these arenas or other. Then I want to get in touch with you.

  • On which platforms are your organisation present, and how?
  • How is your organisation organised around these platforms?
  • Which department is responsible for your organisation’s presence on digital social arenas?
  • Are social media just used for external communication, or do co-workers also communicate internal within your organisation using these?
  • What is your organisations official view on social media?
  • Are employees using different social media as a tool in their regular working day?
  • Do your organisation use digital media to surveillance comments and opinions on your organisation online? Which tools are you using to do this?
  • How do your organisation share information online?
  • How do your organisation gather information online?
  • Is digital media a part of your organisation’s branding strategy?
  • What information do your organisation mainly share online?
  • What information do your organisation mainly gather online?

These are just some of the answers I want to know. If you want to contribute, please let me know by contact me through the contact form provided here, on my twitter page or just by sending me an email.

PS: This questions are just meant as examples, if you have any other comments to contribute with you are welcome to do so. I do also want any good stories about digital media.

Master studies

Master studies

After one and a half week with nervousness and uncertainty I finally got an answer to my masters application yesterday. For the next year I am going to live in Scotland, more precise Edinburgh, where I will be studying Digital Media and Culture at the University of Edinburgh. Earlier this summer I got my conditional offer, but in order to make this unconditional I had to prove that I had satisfying skills in the English language. Because of this requirement I had to take an IELTS test. I took this test at Folkeuniversitetet in Oslo, and got a result higher than the minimum score needed to begin studies at UoE.

The masters is a combination of culture studies with an emphasis on Digital Media. It is also an introduction to research, since the last part of the degree is to write a paper on the subject. Hopefully I will find something interesting to write my thesis about. I will also try to update my webpage with interesting things from my studies and from my year in the Scottish lowlands.

Yesterday I also got the itinerary for the flights to China, which Jules and I won earlier this summer in a Huawei competition on facebook. So finally the pieces are falling into place.

I promise to update posts from my studies, and also from the visit to Shanghai. Stay tuned for more!

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