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The 23rd of November mom, Jules and I went to Scotland to attend my graduation at the University of Edinburgh. In McEwan Hall I meet with most of my old study colleagues and we were in turn hit by the hat which graduates us and bestow our academic titles upon us. This could have been […]


Your organisation and digital media

Many governmental and corporate offices choose to be present in social media, and to share and gather information here. Internet services such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Youtube have enabled organisational bodies to participate on an arena where also individuals are contributing, commenting and sharing content. Are you working within an organisation being present in […]

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Master studies

After one and a half week with nervousness and uncertainty I finally got an answer to my masters application yesterday. For the next year I am going to live in Scotland, more precise Edinburgh, where I will be studying Digital Media and Culture at the University of Edinburgh. Earlier this summer I got my conditional […]