Master studies

Master studies

After one and a half week with nervousness and uncertainty I finally got an answer to my masters application yesterday. For the next year I am going to live in Scotland, more precise Edinburgh, where I will be studying Digital Media and Culture at the University of Edinburgh. Earlier this summer I got my conditional offer, but in order to make this unconditional I had to prove that I had satisfying skills in the English language. Because of this requirement I had to take an IELTS test. I took this test at Folkeuniversitetet in Oslo, and got a result higher than the minimum score needed to begin studies at UoE.

The masters is a combination of culture studies with an emphasis on Digital Media. It is also an introduction to research, since the last part of the degree is to write a paper on the subject. Hopefully I will find something interesting to write my thesis about. I will also try to update my webpage with interesting things from my studies and from my year in the Scottish lowlands.

Yesterday I also got the itinerary for the flights to China, which Jules and I won earlier this summer in a Huawei competition on facebook. So finally the pieces are falling into place.

I promise to update posts from my studies, and also from the visit to Shanghai. Stay tuned for more!

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