Hello World

On the April 14. I opened this Blog with the same title as this one. The only difference was the language. At that time I wrote in Norwegian.

“Hello World” is the typical the first sentence to be printed out from a program made by a new programmer. I write it because it’s very typical in the beginning in something new, and today the new thing is that my blog is getting a new language. From being a blog with just Norwegian posts, it will now provide you with post both in Norwegian and English. Since I first opened this blog I’ve been traveling a lot, meeting a people that not understand Norwegian. Therefore I decided to also have a English section. At this moment I’m not sure how often I will write articles in English, but I hope I can manage to do it once a week. This will also help me improve in English, so the bilingual blog do have a lot of advantages. Then I just have to say (in a third language: German) bis später!

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