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New layout for

New layout for

As the old layout broke with the newer versions of WordPress, and the fact that it was on high time to get a new layout (the last major visual update was back in 2010 – very long ago in the web world) I have now changed for a beta version of the Arras theme.

As you may see from the current state, not everything is up to date, but I hope you have patience as I will now start to customise the theme (maybe even a post on WP PHP programming will follow).

For future updates, stay tuned 🙂 – or subscribe to the RSS feed.

Leaving Edinburgh

Leaving Edinburgh

I try to keep this blog semi-personal, by writing not so much through myself, but rather through writing about topics that interests me and on which I am working. This post has to count as an exception. The occasion is that Jules and I are soon bound for Norway after a whole year in Edinburgh. We actually moved here one year ago on this day. On Thursday we are leaving our lovely home for the last year, The Lodge House in Greenhill Gardens, and moving to Norway, first to Hamar and then latter to Oslo.

It has been an intensive and interesting year in Scotland, and both of us have handed in our dissertations and finished our degrees. Compared to the previous years this year has not left much time for traveling, but living abroad gives is in many ways an adventure in itself.

Instead of writing a narrative of the year in Edinburgh I put some pictures online. For those who likes people in pictures, sorry, I choose some non-human objects for this little album. I have now “blogged” for three years, and one of the intentions behind this album is to create something on which can reminiscence of the year in Edinburgh in a three years time. Perhaps you also have been studying or living in Edinburgh and is now living somewhere else. Here are some assorted pictures from the four seasons we lived in Edinburgh.



Here is a little greeting to all of you I met in Edinburgh, through the university and through friends. Let us keep in touch!


The article picture is taken by yours truly (but please reuse according to Creative Commons attribution). The motive is the old town on its side towards new town. The picture is taken from outside the National Gallery and may be used as evidence that it does not always rain in Britain. and lovholm projects and lovholm projects

Over the summer I have had the opportunity to experiment a bit with internet technology. As a part of keeping up to date with the standards and new technology I enjoy experimenting by making small mash-ups or just make a page testing out some of the skills I aspire to adapt.

In May I made a projects site where the plan is to put online code from experiments, as a kind of sandbox for digital exploration. Some projects are already made available through ‘Projects’, but I hope to keep making stuff available as I learn more and test out new things. The projects folder is dynamically linked to folder lower down in the hierarchy and updates descriptions and last edited time automatically based on data from the file system and the folders readme file. So far projects here has been related to typography, google maps and Ajax, processing and HTML Canvas and jQuery.

I recently made labs, and the idea is to make this as an experimental interface for my blog, and perhaps include this with some of my ideas related to “Weekend Workshop” – a concept based on the maker culture and the prosumer – and the projects page. So far not much has been made available on the site, but I thought time was ready for making these two experiments official and public.

2010: A (short) summary

2010: A (short) summary

The year 2010 began in Espen’s old flat in Odense, Denmark. After a delightful meal we (Espen, Olav, the Icelandic delegation and I) clung our glasses filled with bubbles accompanied by cheers and wishes for the year to come. It was going to be a long, and interesting year. In this blogpost I am summarizing the year from Jules’ and my little cottage in the centre of Edinburgh, and much have happened between the fireworks in H.C. Andersen’s city at the beginning of 2010 to the end celebrated in Princes street looking at a remarkable firework show over the Edinburgh castle. Here is my little summary of 2010.

2010 was a year in between two university degrees, and became a year dominated of work and travels. I had just finished my bachelor in Digital Media from the University of Oslo (2009), and started to study rhetoric and language communication at the same university. In the beginning of the year I lived at Sogn Student apartments, and worked at the Norwegian Telecommunication Museum. In my spare time I tried to keep updated on the newest computer games as I had just bought a new computer, I also worked on some small project using PHP, MySQL and the Android operating system but never completed anything stable.

From January to March I was lucky to get to work with the information department at the UiO again. Together with interesting colleagues from many disciplinary traditions I got to travel through Norway and saw the typical tourist attractions of Trondheim, Bergen and Tromsø. This was great as I got to meet up with old friends living spread throughtout Norway.  Together with Kjellerutvalget I got to Prague and had a lovely stay with a good Norwegian-Czech group, I want to thank Oldrick in particular for showing me Prague which has to be one of the most aesthetic capitals in Europe. As a member of the Kjellerutvalget I also got a trip on the “booze boat” trafficking between Oslo and Copenhagen. I have never before travelled with so many party people before, and spending hours in a jacuzzi from leaving Copenhagen to being in the waters outside Gothenborgh was great fun. Being a member for Kjellerutvalget was truly a good investment, and very sociable.

Beside studies was 2010 a year of work, but work is no chore at the Norwegian Telecommunication Museum. Even though important tasks of the daily routine involves repeating opening and closing routines and keeping the exhibition clean was this a small price to pay for the interesting conversations with both co-workers and visitors. During the year at the museum I learnt much about Telecommunication history and how a museum works. This did also contribute greatly to my understanding of analogous means of communication, and to expand my interest from digital media to media and communication in general.2010 did also open a new interest to film, and many late evenings were spent browsing through Bordwell and Thompson after watching an old movie.

More travels followed, and around easter Jules and I went to Belfast where we visited Ben and Lynne. After our exams we took a spontanious charter trip to Turkey which was a bargain ordering three days in advance of departure. In July Magnus and I went to visit veslefars Hamburg which was great fun both the travel with both to Germany and the stay in the former Hansastadt. In August we went to the wedding of Rachel and Paddy in Scotland, a trip involving both castles, haggis and traditional folk dance.

The maybe biggest supprise last year started as a funny, stereotypic name suggestion for a new mobile phone on Facebook. Three days and nights spent on the Internet with the help of all great friends, and friend of friends we won the competition and a trip to China and Shanghai. We are still in debt to all those who helped us winning the competition with 20ish more votes than number two.

Well, right after the competition we moved to Scotland, and we are now in Edinburgh. Semester one was finished today at five and now new adventures lies ahead.

Let’s hope 2011 will be a great year! Happy new year!

Master studies

Master studies

After one and a half week with nervousness and uncertainty I finally got an answer to my masters application yesterday. For the next year I am going to live in Scotland, more precise Edinburgh, where I will be studying Digital Media and Culture at the University of Edinburgh. Earlier this summer I got my conditional offer, but in order to make this unconditional I had to prove that I had satisfying skills in the English language. Because of this requirement I had to take an IELTS test. I took this test at Folkeuniversitetet in Oslo, and got a result higher than the minimum score needed to begin studies at UoE.

The masters is a combination of culture studies with an emphasis on Digital Media. It is also an introduction to research, since the last part of the degree is to write a paper on the subject. Hopefully I will find something interesting to write my thesis about. I will also try to update my webpage with interesting things from my studies and from my year in the Scottish lowlands.

Yesterday I also got the itinerary for the flights to China, which Jules and I won earlier this summer in a Huawei competition on facebook. So finally the pieces are falling into place.

I promise to update posts from my studies, and also from the visit to Shanghai. Stay tuned for more!

The picture used to illustrate this post is found on Flickr. The picture is a work of Extra Medium, and is licenced under  a Creative Common licence. More information is available from this link. updated to WordPress 3.0 updated to WordPress 3.0 is now updated to WordPress 3.0 “Thelonious”. This is as the version number points out the third major release of the WordPress publishing tool. With the new release the WordPress crew have put together a short video describing the biggest new features.

I’m looking forward to use the new version of WordPress and wish the developer team best of luck with “Thelonious”. Thanks for making an awesome plattform to work on!

Hello World

Hello World

On the April 14. I opened this Blog with the same title as this one. The only difference was the language. At that time I wrote in Norwegian.

“Hello World” is the typical the first sentence to be printed out from a program made by a new programmer. I write it because it’s very typical in the beginning in something new, and today the new thing is that my blog is getting a new language. From being a blog with just Norwegian posts, it will now provide you with post both in Norwegian and English. Since I first opened this blog I’ve been traveling a lot, meeting a people that not understand Norwegian. Therefore I decided to also have a English section. At this moment I’m not sure how often I will write articles in English, but I hope I can manage to do it once a week. This will also help me improve in English, so the bilingual blog do have a lot of advantages. Then I just have to say (in a third language: German) bis später!

Hei Verden!

Hei Verden!

Da forsøker jeg igjen!

Med dette ønsker jeg å starte en ny fase i historien om hjemmesiden min. Jeg vet ikke om jeg kommer til å oppdatere sidene oftere enn før, men jeg har et håp og ønske om å bli bedre på dette.

I tillegg til å benytte denne bloggen ønsker jeg å få til en tumbleplass der jeg kan få lagt ut forskjellige prosjekter som er, har vært, eller aldri ble utviklet. Jeg vil også forsøke å legge ut oppgaver, kode og andre ting som jeg mener kan være nyttig for andre.

Da krysser jeg fingrene for at jeg får skrevet noe interessant på denne siden og at noen tar seg tid til å lese dette.