DMSP: A little Game

DMSP: A little Game

The Non-linear Narrative group, where I’m one of the members, handed in the first assignment in the Digital Media Studio Project on Friday. Together with Brendan, Tom, Gary and Elias I’m working on creating a story which is determined by a random computer model in combination with some pre-written elements. This approach poses some difficulties in the manner of how to superimpose story elements on something which has elements of randomness, and where you are without total control.

We have chosen a digital approach using a computer simulated world where programmed agents influence the story as they move around and collide with each other. This computer model can be combined with auditory and visual elements to create a multimedial experience. We already have a basic computer model, some stunning visuals and interesting sound. Since our submission for the first assignment is a web page I thought I could share a link to the link here so you could have a look. We also have a blog where we try to share thoughts and ideas on our assignment.

If you want to try out the computer model, or play around with the Source Code. I’ve added different versions of the program here for you to download.

Files for Download

Source Code (Processing) with all files.

Source Code (Processing) just .pde file.


Mac OSX.





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