and lovholm projects and lovholm projects

Over the summer I have had the opportunity to experiment a bit with internet technology. As a part of keeping up to date with the standards and new technology I enjoy experimenting by making small mash-ups or just make a page testing out some of the skills I aspire to adapt.

In May I made a projects site where the plan is to put online code from experiments, as a kind of sandbox for digital exploration. Some projects are already made available through ‘Projects’, but I hope to keep making stuff available as I learn more and test out new things. The projects folder is dynamically linked to folder lower down in the hierarchy and updates descriptions and last edited time automatically based on data from the file system and the folders readme file. So far projects here has been related to typography, google maps and Ajax, processing and HTML Canvas and jQuery.

I recently made labs, and the idea is to make this as an experimental interface for my blog, and perhaps include this with some of my ideas related to “Weekend Workshop” – a concept based on the maker culture and the prosumer – and the projects page. So far not much has been made available on the site, but I thought time was ready for making these two experiments official and public.

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