Mining the Social Web

Mining the Social Web

Social network sites and interpersonal web communication is big business and plays an ever increasing part of peoples lives. From being mainly a tools for communication has now other life-world domains been conquered by the digital forum for exchange of virtual and real-life information. Both the explicit, and more recently, implicit data footprint produced by acts in the virtual and real world is aggregated, analysed and shared. A member of Facebook sending a wall-post to a friend, a Twitter user retweeting a post by someone he or she follows. These are apparent, but what about the meta-data. Who is connected to whom? From where is a message sent and what does it contain?

To look closer on the social web I have recently bought the book with the self explanatory title Mining the Social Web, I have also established a GitHub repository in which I will try to publish some of my scripts. Please have a look, clone and come with feedback.



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