The Music in the Clouds

The Music in the Clouds

I have got a new job. For the last one and a half month I have been working as a research assistant on the research project “Clouds & Concerts” (Norwegian: Sky & Scene). The project is a collaboration between the Department of Musicology and the Department of Media and Communication at the University of Oslo as well as the Norwegian streaming service WiMP, Telenor and SINTEF and seeks to understand how the new music technology paradigm has affected music listening, music distribution, and audiences’ relationship to live music. My position is 50%, so I hope to fill the rest of my weeks with relevant freelance work and experiments (if you need any digital assistance or want to develop something, please contact me.) I am excited to learn more about this interesting field, and to learn more about scientific work and hopefully specialise in data analysis and quantitative methods.

The projects English website and Norwegian website

The picture is a word cloud made up from genre tags, in courtesy of the project

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